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Compass Technology Company Limited provides total solutions for flexible circuits. It is currently producing 1Metal Layer (ML) and 2ML tape substrates in mass production. Within 1ML and 2ML, there are several different applications that break down the company's products in CSP, TBGA, CUETBGA, window-open TBGA, COF, TCP and µBGA. Compass is producing flexible printed circuits for use as wiring for back-light modules for small-size TFT-LCDs.


The flexible substrates used by Compass's customers are ultimately present in various products, including Cellular Handsets, Telecommunication Infrastructure Equipment, Plasma TV, Digital Cameras, Notebook Computer, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Set-Top Boxes, Color Printers and High Speed Optical Reading Heads for Routers.
" We bring FLEX-ibility to life."
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